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17 September 2019 Time table of Half yearly/PT-2

Dear Students and Parents, Kindly find the time-table of Half yearly exam and PT-2 for class VIII -XII. RDPS Betul

06 September 2019 EXAM Alert

Dear Parents and Students, It is to inform you that Half Yearly exam will be start soon, Time table and Syllabus of some classes is updated on Website. Kindly visit Exam-download for the same. RDPS betul

31 August 2019 Holiday Alert..

Dear Parent, Monday September 02, 2019 is a Holiday on account of Ganesh Chatruthi from class Nur to XI. Thank you. RDPS Betul

28 August 2019 Circular/ RDPS/Acad/2019-20/59

Circular/ RDPS/Acad/2019-20/59 Date: 28.08.2019 Dear Parents, Greetings from RDPS. The PT – II Examination is approaching by September 23, 2019. So Kindly pay special attention towards the points given below: 1. Kindly monitor the study schedule of your ward. Please make sure that the ward invest enough time in studies so that he/she will be fully prepared for PT – II Examination. 2. The syllabus for PT – II Examination has already been given to the students. The examination will have more emphasis on Application Based Questions & Open Ended Questions. Kindly ask the ward to study accordingly. 3. in case you have any issue related to Examination or if you have any academic concerns, feel free to interact with us through School Diary. 4. The school has taken an initiative towards reducing the weight of the School Bag. Please make sure that the ward brings the bag as per the Time Table. 5. Ask your ward to bring empty water bottle to school, the bottle can be filled here. 6. Lunch Box/Umbrella/ raincoat etc. can be sent in a separate pouch and it would reduce the weight of School Bag. 7. In order to minimise the weight of the Bag, the students are instructed to keep their EPP/Computer Book/Reading material etc in Class Room itself. Your valuable cooperation is expected in this regard. 8. Since the Examination is schedule next month, please make sure that the student does not miss school due to any outing/programme etc. 9. The school policy does not allow their teachers to take Private tuitions. Kindly do not send the ward for Private tuition to the School Teacher. Please note that if the ward is found taking Private tuition from his/her school teacher, the institution will take necessary action against the ward. 10. The School is arranging Extra Class/ Remedial Class/Doubt Clearing Class etc on regular basis. Hence your Cooperation is highly expected for the same. 11. Home work that are assigned to your ward is scientifically proven, regarding the quality and quantity the educators of our institution pay keen monitoring on its quality and quantity. So kindly ensure that your child is doing homework on daily basis and on time. Principal RDPS,BETUL

08 August 2019 Holiday news

Dear parents, For class Nur to IX have holiday from 09 to 12 August rest class have regular working day. Holiday assignment is also here for class 8 and 9th. Click the news to find the attachment.

21 May 2019 Alumni Signup/Register

Dear Alumni, If you are reading this message, Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards becoming a part of our School’s thriving Alumni network. I am proud of your achievements and invite you to join our Global, Digital and Dynamic Alumni Association. Through this network, you will stay connected to your Alma Mater, mentor your juniors and get invited to exciting events and activities that we will especially plan for you. Welcome to the Alumni Family. I invite you to actively participate in this Network. Warm Regards Principal

18 April 2019 Newsletter 2019

"PRATIBHA" Unleashed Newsletter from RDPS 2019

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