Code of Conduct



SCHOOL expect students, to behave appropriately

Appropriate behavior includes:

  1. Arriving at school on time, expect students to come to school in clothes that are: Neat, Clean & Appropriate.
  2. Attending all classes regularly and being in class on time.
  3. Bringing required materials to class.
  4. Completing assignment on time.
  5. Having a good work ethic.
  6. Showing respect for oneself and for others.
  7. Defending the rights of others.
  8. Respecting school property & the property of other students
  9. Cleaning up after oneself.
  10. Working collaboratively & cooperatively.
  11. Taking responsibility for one’s actions or inactions.
  12. Following the school’s dress code.
  13. Acting in the interests of the school.
  14. Girls with trimmed nails and 2 proper hair plaits with white ribbon.
  15. Boys with proper trimmed hairs and nails.
  16. Students are not allowed to use the mobile in school.
  17. Students are for bidden to bring crackers, explosives and other electronic gadgets should not be brought to school.
  18. They are not allowed to is nail polish, mehendi, make-up, nail art and long nails.

                                                                                                                                 - RDPS BETUL..................