Vision & Mission

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

                                                                                                                      Napoleon Hill

We have proved ourselves in the venture RD Public School. Trust us to lead you through RD Coaching Classes too.

Our Vision

We live in the times of progress. The world is becoming a global village while information superhighways criss-cross our cities. In these times of global competitiveness, we at RD Coaching Classes aim to provide a balanced and holistic mode of education that not only preps the student for the way ahead but also for life itself.

Serving since 2007, RD Public School needs no introduction. Taking cue from the leading thinkers of our age and with utmost dedication and impeccable guidance, we at RD Public School have proved our mettle time and again. Students, once trained by us, have ventured far and wide seeking further coaching for competitive exams. While some couldn’t, for various reasons. Keeping these stranded students in mind with dreams in their eyes and fire in their bellies, but city-bound, we have upgraded our facilities to RD Coaching Classes and now local students can avail to the best competitive coaching standards with us.

Our Mission

Armed with state-of-the-art classrooms and qualified teachers, we provide program based educational modules designed for honing scholars in this age of globalization, right in your city. We water the natural seeds of curiosity in the students and help them to flower. We believe in a holistic approach towards instilling balance and harmony with a global outlook.

Bringing the same RD Public School expertise to competitive exam coaching, we really have come a full circle in imparting impeccable education tailored to suit the need of the day and fabricating launchpads for our city students. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT AND WE HAVE THE FUEL!!
And the last but not the least, its the language of empathy and humility that we offer here, so that along with academic success we may also impart that which is called deserved happiness .

We stand by our mantra of "Desire. Dedicate. Deserve." and with these three coordinates in place, we assure you of our mission towards continued excellence.

Desire excellence.

Dedicate yourself.

Deserve the success.

"A burning is the starting point of all accompolishment. Just like a small fire cannot give a much heat, a weak desire cannot produce a great results."

                                                                                                                                                 Shiv Khera...