Best practices of school

A spirit of community service is embraced and encouraged. We believe strongly in being good corporate citizens, and recognise the value of developing partnerships among different institutions and our communities. RDPS feels honoured to support a variety of charitable programmes and philanthropic causes. The school recognises the importance of student involvement and interaction with the immediate community and their needs. Our students give the gift of time to activities related to the uplift of deprived communities, which include events, mentoring initiatives as well as universal causes such as environment protection. These efforts provide support to noble causes and help forging personal connections among the students, associates and the community.
To fulfill the objectives, the institution takes up the following activities with regular frequency:

  1. Sanskar Shala –Children living in the slums are imparted free education.
  2. Adoption of tribal villages – For community work and better understanding of different cultures.
  3.  Visits to Ashram schools—RDPS students take up assignments to teach kids at the tribal hostels (ashram shalas) in and around the city
  4.  Imparting trainings – To make village youth more aware and active, like training them to run information centres in rural areas.
  5. Scholarships to meritorious but economically weak students.